Biyo means water in  somali. Biyo-H20 is a small non profit organization founded in Montreal in 2012,  following Taher’s travels to Somaliland (north east of Somalia) in the Horn of Africa where he was born. His latest trip took place in the fall of 2011, during the massive drought that hit the entire region.

 In Bulahar, the small village where Taher stayed, the situation was as critical as anywhere else. There had been little rain for the past four years and the water tank truck was broken. Without access to drinking water, the villagers were forced to move constantly and to dig  waterholes by hand in search of water to drink and water the animals.


                                                                   L'eau puisée d'un heel (puits de surface) pour consommation humaine comme animale

Members of the Guurti, a council of elders and elected representatives, asked Taher for his help. They counted on him to carry their plea for help to the world. Upon his return to Canada in November 2011, Taher and his spouse  decided to take on the project.

In March 2012, together  with two of their friends, they launched Biyo-H2O.  Their goal : to collect enough money to drill a water borehole in Bulahar so as to provide the community with a reliable and safe source of water and promote the sustainable development of the community. 

 Somaliland : a forsaken country

The political stability of Somaliland makes it a beacon of democracy in Africa yet Somaliland remains a forsaken country. So far, international aid has focused on emergency assistance rather than on sustainable development.